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Table 1 NP-C functional disability scale (from [32] and [27])

From: Niemann-Pick disease type C

Ambulation Score Language Score
Normal 1 Normal 1
Autonomous ataxic gait 2 Mild dysarthriad 2
Outdoor assisted ambulation 3 Severe dysarthriae 3
Indoor assisted ambulation 4 Non-verbal communication 4
Wheelchair bound 5 Absence of communication 5
Manipulation   Swallowing  
Normal 1 Normal 1
Slight dysmetria/dystoniaa 2 Occasional dysphagia 2
Mild dysmetria/dystoniab 3 Daily dysphagia 3
Severe dysmetria/dystoniac 4 NG tube or gastric button feeding 4
  1. Abbreviation: NG, nasogastric; a autonomous manipulation; b requires help for tasks but able to feed self; c requires help for all activities; d understandable; e only comprehensible to certain family members.