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Table 3 Interactions in α-thalassaemia

From: α-thalassaemia

   α+ α0
   α α α αT - α αTα - αT - - (αα)
α0 - - T H H H, Hy H Hy  
  (αα) T   H     
α+ - αT T Unk H T H   
  αTα T Unk T T, H    
  - α T Unk T     
  α αT T Unk      
  α α N       
  1. Abbreviations: (αα), non-deletion α0 thalassaemia (due to upstream deletion); --, deletion α0 thalassaemia;
  2. N, non-thalassaemic; T, α-thalassaemia trait; H, HbH disease; Hy, Bart's hydrops foetalis syndrome; Unk, unknown, not observed yet. The severity of the condition, thalassaemia trait or HbH disease is determined by the severity of down-regulation by the non-deletion mutant, this remains to be determined through further observation (adapted from Weatherall and Clegg 2001)[5].