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Table 1 EB synonyms

From: Inherited epidermolysis bullosa

Name Synonym(s)
Inherited EB EB hereditaria
EB simplex, localized EB simplex, Weber-Cockayne;
EB simplex of palms and soles
EB simplex, Dowling-Meara EB (simplex) herpetiformis
EB simplex, generalized non-Dowling-Meara EB simplex, Koebner
EB simplex, generalized other
Junctional EB EB atrophicans
JEB, Herlitz JEB generalisata gravis
JEB, non-Herlitz JEB generalisata mitis
Dystrophic EB (DEB) EB dystrophica
Dominant dystrophic EB (DDEB) DDEB, Pasini and Cockayne-Touraine variants
Recessive dystrophic EB (RDEB), severe generalized RDEB, Hallopeau-Siemens;
RDEB generalisata gravis
RDEB, generalized other RDEB, non-Hallopeau-Siemens;
RDEB generalisata mitis
EB with congenital localized atrophy of skin Bart's syndrome